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Contract your environmentally friendly home improvement with the green building professionals at Greenerz! We've got over twenty years of experience providing a wide variety of great home improvement services.

Whether you’re looking to re-tile your bathroom, install an asphalt roof or put in a pool, Greenerz’ green construction professionals can help with these projects and a whole lot more. Take a look at all of the contracting services that Greenerz offers and click the ones that interest you to learn more. Then click below to get a fast FREE estimate on the green construction service project that’s right for you!

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Why Go Green with Greenerz?

More and more people are moving towards green construction jobs, but not all contractors are equipped to handle these kinds of projects. Green remodeling benefits customers in a variety of ways:

  • Save Money – Energy efficient upgrades can help you use less power and water, saving you money on utilities
  • Increased Equity – People today are looking for energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly homes. If and when you decide to sell, green upgrades can really work in your favor when setting the price
  • Loan Transfer – If you finance your green home improvement with a PACE loan, the payments often transfer to the new owner when you sell
  • Good Health – Green upgrades can improve your air quality, reduce the number of toxic chemicals you and your children are exposed to, and increase comfort
  • Good Neighboring – Using green materials for your upgrades is better for the environment, and will be appreciated by your neighbors, both the ones next door and the ones all over the world who benefit from your decreased carbon footprint

Why Choose Us

  • We strive to have the best customer support and customer satisfaction.
  • Our no worries price assures you that are you getting the best price.
  • The Greenerz team has over 20 years of experience in the contracting business
  • We love the planet and want to help it thrive. That is why sustainable building is our mission
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 Mike F"I thought replacing our roof would take forever. But the Greenerz crew went right to work, and we were back at home way sooner than I expected. Now I’ve got an energy saving Cool Roof that looks like it could last forever! Thanks guys!"
  Sara V"The guys at Greenerz did an awesome job with my home addition. They went over the plans with me every step of the way to make sure they got everything right the first time. I’ll absolutely hire them for my next home improvement job."
"We decided to remodel our entire kitchen and
were worried about the cost. When we saw the
estimate from Greenerz we were so relieved!
They did a great job and were able to stay
within our budget. Would definitely use again!"

- Christina L
Pasadena, CA
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Greenerz’ whole philosophy is about building in a way that’s safer for you and for the environment. Greenerz contractors bring over 20 years of construction experience to your project. Plus, you can get a fast and free estimate for your project online before you sign the contract, so what do you have to lose?

Green construction, also known as “green building” or “sustainable building,” is a type of construction that is performed with the environment in mind. This can mean everything from energy-efficient and water-saving upgrades; like controlled-flow toilets and showerheads or skylights, to construction projects using materials that are less toxic and recyclable as much as possible. Green construction projects can lower your home’s carbon footprint, which may contribute towards reducing global warming. It can also save you money and create a healthier environment for you to live in..

Absolutely. With the right contractor, there’s no reason a green construction project should cost noticeably more than one that doesn’t have a green philosophy. Furthermore, going green with your construction project might actually save you money. A number of home improvement lenders participate in the PACE program, which offers financing for certain home improvement projects at very favorable terms that does not affect your personal credit and have payments included as part of your property tax assessment. Furthermore, green construction can offer you savings on utilities like water and heating that can add up considerably.

It couldn’t be easier to get started on your green construction project with Greenerz. Just fill out the form on the home page with your contact information and the type of project you’re interested in. Click the “get quote” button and you’ll have an estimate delivered directly to your inbox in practically no time at all. If you like what you see, simply reply and your Greenerz pro will walk you through the rest.

Greenerz doesn’t do every single home improvement project you can think of, but it’s close. Whether you’re adding a new room to your home, remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, painting, replacing or repairing your roof, changing your home’s landscape or putting in a new floor, Greenerz can definitely help.

Get in touch! We’re always happy to talk to interested, environmentally-conscious homeowners. Just give us a call at 1-800-207- 1852 or email us at greenerzremodeling@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you might have about green construction and Greenerz.

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ThinkGreen Green construction can go under a few different names, “green building” or “sustainable construction” for example. No matter what it’s called though, what it’s about is building with safer, more efficient, more environmentally-friendly and more people-friendly materials. The result is home improvements that not only make your house look great, but that save you money and give you a good feeling inside. Traditional construction materials may be high in toxic chemicals, allow excess heat to escape your home, and damage the environment. Green construction materials are more likely to be recyclable, help you save energy, help you generate a smaller carbon footprint, and reduce the amount of toxins you are exposed to.. Read More About Greenerz

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