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Architect Blueprints

If you’re interested in creating a great new addition to your home, renovation of your home, or an entirely new home, it all starts with the right house plan, meaning professional architect blueprints. Without a professional design plan, there is no way to know if your project will work and what it will look like. Good architect blueprints can be costly and hard to come by, but not when you work with Greenerz for your Los Angeles architectural blueprint needs.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as creating your own, personalized home design. It is a reflection of your creativity and can be extremely rewarding. You’ve worked very hard for your home and you should be able to get it exactly as you want it. But if you’ve never created architect blueprints before, you may not have the first idea of how to begin. Creating a design plan requires that you make a lot of important decisions. Some of these decisions are issues of personal style, desires and goals for your home project. Others, however, are technical questions that you need a significant amount of technical expertise to answer. That’s where Greenerz comes in.

At Greenerz, we have a team of licensed, highly-trained building contractors who have been in the home building business for over 20 years. We are construction professionals who are also homeowners, so we know exactly what it is like to have a dream house plan and bring it to life.

When you contact Greenerz for architectural blueprints, we will send you one of our best design experts to meet with you and craft your design plan together. This is a trusted and experienced member of our team, not a subcontractor we just found that has made a few plans. We take our customer needs very seriously and our clients always get our best no matter what service they require. Our designer will know all the right questions to ask and how to find the answers in order to design the best architectural blueprints for you. We think you will be delighted with the way we bring your ideas to life. You probably have the perfect scheme for your dream home in your head. We’ll help you get it down on paper.

How it Works

When you contact Greenerz for architectural blueprints, we will schedule a time for one of our experts to come visit you to discuss what you have in mind in detail. The end goal is to translate your thoughts and dreams for your home project on paper and to draw architectural blueprints that you can use to get permits, plan your budget and ultimately build the home project you’ve always hoped for. Naturally, once you have your architectural blueprints, we hope you’ll take advantage of the Greenerz team of top-notch contractors to actually do the building. Once we know what you’re looking for in architecture blueprints, we can give you an estimate on what it will cost you for free. You can be sure that the estimate we give you will be exactly or almost exactly what you will be asked to pay. The steps of designing your architecture blueprints for a Los Angeles home project can go something like this:

1. We start with an introductory meeting where you sit down with one of our design experts and talk about all of your ideas for the home project, as well as any limitations on the design, such as space issues, zoning laws, permits and building codes and budget. At Greenerz, we always look for opportunities to build green homes and offer sustainable home renovation options, and we can discuss these options at this time as well.

2. Once we have a good idea what the project will entail, we can give you an estimate on how much the creation of the architecture blueprints will cost and how long you can expect it to take for us to deliver them to you. We pride ourselves in honesty and transparency in our estimates. When we give you a time and a price quote, you can rely on those numbers. You don’t have to worry about mysterious extra charges at the end or waiting days or weeks after the established delivery date for your blueprints to show up.

3. Next, our expert will go and create a preliminary schematic. Once we’ve created that schematic, we’ll return to you to review it. We’ll make sure everything looks right regarding issues like door and window placement, door and window size, room size and square footage. We’ll verify that you are pleased with the initial design and satisfied it will serve your purposes.

4. After this review, we will take another pass at the plan based on your feedback and add the necessary details, plus some more details that we may not have included in the initial design, for example, roofing.

5. Next, we will bring the plan back to you again, verify that the revisions and new additions are correct and incorporate any final details, like electrical or plumbing setup. Once this design is approved, we will incorporate any last revisions and complete the plan.

6. We’ll bring the plan back to you one more time, and if you approve, go back to our workshop and draw the actual, technical, accurate architectural blueprints. We’ll bring the completed blueprints back to you for any final minor revisions, incorporate them if there are any, and present you with your completed architectural blueprints so that you can begin actually constructing your project, hopefully with Greenerz!

Different homeowners have different needs, and all our designers do not work exactly the same way. What is outlined above is an example of how a typical architecture blueprint project is completed, but the actual process may vary from situation to situation. You can always be confident, however, that by the end you will get a beautiful architecture blueprint set that will serve all of your needs. Your completed CAD construction plans will be ready for permit approval, building or whatever you need.

Types of Architecture Blueprint Services We Offer

Greenerz is happy to offer any custom architecture blueprint services you need for your home project. These services can include:

  • Customized Home Plans: If you are looking to build a home from scratch, or almost from scratch, a good, comprehensive, accurate blueprint is crucial. The Greenerz team has been creating plans like this for decades.
  • Remodeling Plans: If you’re considering a specific home renovation project, this is also extremely familiar territory for our Greenerz team of experienced building contractors.
  • 2-D and 3-D Renderings: If you need help visualizing your project before creating actual architecture blueprints, we can generate a digital, painted, or sketched rendering of your design.
  • Scale Models: Ask us about the possibility of building a scale model of your proposed home project.

Architecture Blueprints and Your Greenerz Remodeling Projects

It’s important to note that you don’t need to hire us to create architecture blueprints for every home renovation project you would like us to do for you. We create these blueprints as a matter of course in order to best ensure we complete your project accurately and to your satisfaction. We will create architecture blueprints for you when you want to present your plan to the proper officials to make sure you are in compliance with zoning laws and building codes and that you will be able to get the necessary permits and clearances. You are also welcome to use the blueprints we create for you to try building your project yourself or to get estimates and opinions for multiple builders.

We hope, however, that you will ultimately decide to carry through with your home building, home improvement or home renovation project with the Greenerz team. Creating great home renovations is what we do, and we think we can offer prices and quality of service that is competitive with any other building contracting company in southern California. Just take a look at the pictures of our previous work in our gallery to see what Greenerz can do for you.

When you make the decision to build the design we have created with you for your architecture blueprints with Greenerz, you get:

A Green Company

There are a lot of companies that might be able to follow the plan laid out in one of our blueprints, but not all of them will be willing or able to do it the green way. As our name indicates, at Greenerz we always strive to use green building techniques as often as we can. There are so many ways to build green, from using reclaimed wood and other recycled materials, to using low VOC paints and finishes, to recommending energy-saving appliances and lights. When you let us build your design, you can feel good knowing that you’re working with a company that has a commitment to helping make a better community and a better world.

An Honest Company

One of the reasons that we created Greenerz in the first place is that we are a group of homeowners ourselves who always got frustrated with building contractors that didn’t follow through on their promises or provide us with an honest representation of what they were capable of. Our pledge is always to be transparent and honest in our work. When we tell you what it will cost to build your design, you can believe in that estimate. You will never discover once we are deep into the project that you have much more to pay than you expected. You won’t hear a lot of excuses from us about why we have to charge you significantly more than we initially promised. When we tell you how long your project will take, you can plan accordingly. We will do everything we can to finish the job by that time or before. We’re not trying to drag out our work. We know there are other projects we can work on together to beautify your home.

A Respectful Company

We respect the investment of time, money and emotion it takes to do a meaningful home renovation, and we take that investment very seriously. For that reason, you’ll always have a member of our team working on your project, not a subcontractor who we haven’t vetted and barely know. Anyone who meets with you or works on your home will show up on time, be courteous and open about what they are doing, and respect your space and your time. Our team works quickly and efficiently, staying out of your way as much as possible so as not to interfere with your daily activities and making sure we leave any work area as clean as when we found it.

A Proud Company

We really love the work we do. It’s why you’ll find pictures of our previous jobs all over our website. We know that the passion and dedication we bring to home remodeling and home improvement means that families all over southern California are happier and able to enjoy their homes more than ever. We’d be delighted if you could join the ranks of those families with a quality home improvement project built for you by Greenerz.

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Whether you decide to move forward on building with us or not, we know you are going to love the architecture blueprints we create for you. You’re probably eager to have those designs in your hands, and the sooner we start, the sooner we can finish. Pick up the phone right now and call us at 1-800-207-1852. Or, if you’d rather, just fill out the online contact form on the page and submit it. In a very short time, we’ll have an expert talking to you about your plans and hopes for your blueprints, and shortly after that, you’ll have your free estimate and we can begin putting your plan together. We’re ready to help turn your dreams into reality, so get in touch with us right now!

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