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Decks and Patios

If you are seeking to add or remodel a deck or patio in your Los Angeles County or other Southern California home, Greenerz Remodeling is the company to call. Our construction experts can give you a beautiful new patio or deck that can truly transform your home and give you a delightful space to have a drink, entertain friends or simply relax and enjoy the area outside your home in comfort.

Greenerz Remodeling makes your new deck or patio project easy. Whether you’re repairing a deck that’s old, falling apart or lost its luster or you have some ideas for putting in a brand-new deck to accentuate your outdoor space, our construction pros will walk you through every step of the process to make sure you end up with a finished product that you are sure to love.

Benefits of Outdoor Decks

So why should you add an outdoor deck to your home? If you’re here, you probably already have a strong idea of the benefits of outdoor decks, but if you’re wondering whether you should add a patio or deck or not, here are just a few of the benefits:

Increase Your Home’s Value

Adding a deck means creating an additional feature to your home that can potentially make the property more valuable. In fact, it may interest you to know that a deck addition is one of the highest value home improvements you can make, with potentially up to 80 percent return on investment.

Increase Your Home’s Usable Space

You do most of your living on the inside of your home, while the exterior is mostly for show, especially in the front yard, where you are less likely to keep fire pits, BBQs, children’s playsets or other features that you might have in the backyard. A beautiful new patio or deck lets you reclaim some of that outdoor space that you own so that you and your family can actually use it. Even in the backyard, if you do have a pool or barbecue set up, a great-looking deck can facilitate your backyard parties, get-togethers or other events.

Enjoy the Weather

If you are building a new deck in Los Angeles, surrounding areas or elsewhere in Southern California, you have great weather almost all year ‘round. This means you can enjoy your deck or patio year ‘round, which makes it an even more worthwhile investment. It also means maintenance on your new deck is much easier and less costly, as you have fewer concerns about protecting your deck from bad weather.

Curb Appeal

If you currently have a deck that is falling apart, it is worse than having no deck at all. You put a lot of work into your home and want an exterior that looks great to neighbors and passersby, as well as for you and your family when you come home. Repairing or remodeling your deck can breathe new life into your entire home.

What Will Your New Deck Be Made Of?

Before we build your deck, we will consult with you as to the type of material you wish to use. With reclaimed wood, salvaged wood, recycled plastics and other sustainable options you have many green building choices when it comes to your new deck. We will go over the costs and benefits of various new deck materials until you are sure which one is right for you. Possible options include:

  • Redwood: The strong heartwood of the redwood tree is a very popular option when it comes to decking material. It is durable, light and looks great. The tradeoff, however, is that a redwood deck may be a little costlier than some other options, and does require maintenance to keep it looking its best.
  • Cedar: Cedar is a great alternative to redwood when you want a beautiful wood deck. It is in expensive, attractive, rot and termite-resistant, and cedar heartwood can look great for decades with just an annual refinishing.
  • Fir: Fir wood decks are pressure-treated to make it rot and termite resistant. It is relatively inexpensive, durable and can make a great-looking deck, usually requiring only an annual re-staining to keep it looking great.
  • Composite: A composite wood deck is a great option when building a new deck. We combine wood with recycled plastics for a low-maintenance, decorative deck with the look of real wood. Annual washing can keep composite decks looking great for years.

If you’re not sure which of these materials is right for you, Greenerz can help. When we come to your home for your free home remodeling assessment, we will work with you to determine the best material options for your deck and outline all the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you decide what is best for your home.

Once you’ve settled on a material, we can also give you tips on the best procedures for maintenance on your new deck once it is completed, and we can recommend effective, environmentally-friendly sealants, stains, finishes and cleaners as well.

What Kinds of Outdoor Decks Can Greenerz Build?

Different types of decks may be suitable for different kinds of homes and for your specific wants and needs. Greenerz has the skilled construction personnel, tools and equipment to construct just about any kind of deck you could possibly want. Types of decks can include:

  • Attached – This is one of the most common types of decks. It is basically a patio made out of wood. As the name would indicate, it is attached to the house, and is usually accompanied by some kind of awning or overhang so you can enjoy some shade while on your deck.
  • Detached – This type of deck is one you will often find in the backyard, near the house and easily accessible, perhaps by a small stairway, but not actually attached to the house. 
  • Peninsula – This is a small deck that can connect your patio with another detached outdoor deck.
  • Entry – This is essentially a decorative porch at the front of the house.
  • Side– While front patios and backyard decks are the most common outdoor features attached to your home, you may want to consider one or two side decks as well. A side deck is a great way to take advantage of some of the exterior space around your home that is rarely used.
  • Multi-Level – You can create a very unique look outside your home and take advantage of even more exterior space by adding two or more decks at different levels connected by stairs.
  • Dining – If you like entertaining in your backyard, a dining deck is the perfect way to set off a spot from your home where you can serve meals to guests, set up a buffet or feature other entertainment functions.
  • Pool – A treated wood deck around your pool can make your pool safer and make getting in and out of your pool more comfortable and convenient.

How Does Deck Remodeling, Repair or Building with Greenerz Work?

It starts when you contact us for a free, no obligation quote on your deck. Let us know what you’re interested in and we will set up a home visit where we will come and see the area where you wish to build your deck, again, at no cost to you.

We will give you our assessment of which type of deck and which material we think would be best for your deck, given your type of home, the condition of your home exterior, and your own personal tastes and desires.

Then we will come up with a basic design for your desk and give you an estimate on what you can expect the project to cost, as well as a time frame for when it will be completed. While there may be some variation, the price we give you will essentially be the price you get at the end, unless you make adjustments to the design we agree on after we deliver the quote. There will be no sudden fees or costs that inflate the price. In addition, the time frame we give you is an accurate assessment of when the job will be complete, if not sooner. If after you receive the estimate, you need help making sure the job fits in your budget, we can make suggestions that will still allow you to have a durable, beautiful deck, with some less expensive options substituted in.

Once we agree to costs, a timeframe and a design, our highly-trained construction professionals will get to work. Our team will arrive on time promptly as scheduled and are always courteous and friendly. We will go right to work framing, assembling and fastening your deck. Once your deck is in place, we can put in step downs, stairways or other features as wanted or needed. At the end of the job, we can also do the deck staining if you like. Of course, we always use green material and methods whenever we possibly can.

Once we’re done putting it all together, we will review the entire job with you and make sure that you are completely satisfied. We can also give you tips and suggestions on how best to enjoy your deck and keep it looking great.

When we leave after the job is complete, we always fully clean up after ourselves. Once we are gone, the only sign that we have been there will be your beautiful new deck.

Deck-Related Construction Projects

Keep in mind that we can do much more than just building you a new deck. If you have an existing deck that simply needs repair or modification, we are happy to perform those services for you at a reasonable price, leaving your deck looking as close to new as possible. If you wish to add other structures to your new or existing deck, such as overhangs, stairways or fences, we can perform all of those jobs as well. Naturally, we’re happy to talk to you about landscaping or other home renovation services after we have completed your desk. Feel free to take a look at our gallery for some examples of our fine work.

Why Choose Greenerz for Your New or Existing Patio or Deck Project?

If you’re repairing or remodeling your home with a new patio or deck in Los Angeles County or other areas throughout southern California, Greenerz is the perfect choice for you and your home. Our contractor team has years of experience in the home remodeling business and we’ve seen and done virtually every type of home renovation job. 

We are very sensitive to the environmental concerns of today’s home owner and strive to use green building methods whenever possible. Green building methods can include everything from Low-VOC paints and cleaners to reclaimed wood to recycled materials.

At Greenerz, we never use subcontractors. The construction professionals that come to your home will be from our own team of vetted, trained construction experts who are also homeowners and understand the needs of today’s homeowner. We always offer fair and accurate estimates on our services and reasonable timeframes that we stick to. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our contractors know all the pitfalls and frustrations that homeowners experience when dealing with home renovation companies and we have made it a point to keep all of those issues out of our service. We are a solution-based company and the answer to your home renovation blues. If you’ve been frustrated with home remodeling contractors in the past, you need to try Greenerz.

To get started with Greenerz and start enjoying your gorgeous new deck right away, just give us a call at 1-800-207-1852 or contact us using our online contact submission form for a free quote. We will schedule an appointment to come to your home and develop a plan for your new patio or deck project at no cost or obligation to you. We look forward to giving you and your family an amazing deck that you are going to love, so get in touch with us now!

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