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Flooring & Hardwood

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A new floor in your Los Angeles or other southern California home may seem like a big job, but it’s often one that’s worth it. Dealing with dirty carpets, faded, warped wood, chipped tile or other signs of bad, worn-out flooring can be depressing and detract from the décor and atmosphere of the whole house. While some homeowners are tempted to try to repair or restore their floors themselves, we do not recommend it. You could end up damaging your floor badly, resulting in a lengthy and costly repair.

There’s also no reason to do it yourself when you a have a professional, affordable option in California at your fingertips. Just call Greenerz to make your flooring replacement or restoration as painless as possible. We offer a wide range of flooring choices to suit your budget, style, environmental concerns and existing décor, and our flooring experts work fast and effectively, staying out of your way as much as possible while they make sure your home has the floor you deserve. Whether it’s a new floor, floor repair or quality floor resurfacing and refinishing, Greenerz has you covered.

Home Flooring Options

You know you want a new floor, now you have to decide what kind of flooring you want. Do you want the same type of floor you had before, just updated and refreshed, or something entirely new? There are many different options to consider when it comes to your flooring, each with their own advantages and benefits. The types of home flooring for Los Angeles County and other southern California homes that we can offer include:


For many people, hardwood is the gold standard when it comes to home flooring options. Hardwood is beautiful, durable and goes with almost any home décor. We can provide you with hardwood floors in wood types like walnut, maple, cherry, oak, pine and others. Each type of wood has a distinctive look and character and we can show you samples to help you decide which type best suits your needs. Keep in mind that we do not recommend hardwood for homes in very high moisture areas, and with certain types of hardwood flooring you may get darkening or some changes in the shape of the planks over time.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

This type of flooring is usually most appropriate in areas where moisture is a big issue, like your kitchen or bathroom. We strive to use higher-quality tiles to avoid chipping. You can choose a variety of finishes for ceramic tile flooring, including matte, glazed, embossed and no-slip textured.

Marble Tile Flooring

For a more sophisticated tile flooring look, you may want to consider marble tile. Marble tiles are low maintenance and easy to clean, and you can indulge your interior design creativity with a wide range of styles and colors. Marble tile is extremely durable and long lasting and installs quickly.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is an interesting and attractive alternative to a classic hardwood floor. It is also an eco-friendly flooring option, which we always like here at Greenerz. Bamboo flooring comes in various shades of brown from fairly light to somewhat dark, and can come with the grain going vertically or horizontally. It is durable and strong, but vulnerable to moisture, so if it gets wet you should dry it as soon as possible. Bamboo flooring can also darken if exposed to sunlight over a long period of time.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a very popular choice for people looking for a low-maintenance, affordable flooring option that is durable and resistant to scratching, chipping and burning. If you have young children running through your house day in and day out, you may prefer to install laminate flooring rather than a more expensive material that could become damaged more easily.

If there is a different type of flooring that you have heard of and would like to know more about, just let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss what we know about it and whether or not it is appropriate for your home.

Other Flooring Services

While we’re happy to provide you with a whole new floor if necessary, new floor installation is far from the only flooring service we provide. Sometimes, it is more cost-effective and practical for us to work on your existing floor. In this capacity, we also offer such services as:

Floor Repair

Sometimes, your floor just needs a little help to get back to its former glory. Our flooring experts can get your existing floor back on track at a reasonable cost. We have the tools and skills to handle:

  • Ceramic tile repair – from complete tear outs to grout cleaning to replacing cracked or broken tiles.
  • Laminate repair – Laminate is popular because it is so good at resisting damage, but if something happens to yours, we can replace the damaged section easily.
  • Wood floor repair – A good hardwood floor is a serious investment, and you don’t want to replace the whole thing just because of a few damaged sections. We are well-versed in tearing out damaged boards and replacing them with quality new ones seamlessly.

Resurfacing and Refinishing, Sanding, Sealing, Coating, Waxing

Sometimes, a little refinishing or resurfacing could be all that it takes to keep your beautiful floor looking like new. Certain types of floors will require a yearly coating or sealing, while others may simply benefit from refinishing from time to time. Our refinishing or resurfacing process may include:

  • Buffing – This is a procedure that uses sanding disks to take off the floor’s existing finish in order to prepare it for recoating without damaging the wood. Not all wood floors are candidates for buffing, also known as screening. If your wood floor has a polyurethane finish that has become scratched or worn out, you may want to consider buffing.
  • Sanding – Buffing will not work if your floor has a wax coating on top already. If this is the case, or if the wood underneath the finish is also damaged, we will have to sand it down. We sand off the finish as well as any damaged or stained parts of the floor. We highly recommend against trying to sand your own floor, as you could wind up severely damaging that floor.
  • Staining – If your floor is not actually damaged, but you would like your wood floor to have a different color to it, you need to stain it. This process is more complex than it appears, so you will not want to try it yourself. We may need to stain, sand and re-stain to make sure the process takes.
  • Refinishing – The final process of restoring your old hardwood floor to a great-looking shine is the coating, or finishing. We will typically provide a polyurethane finish, as this tends to be the best-looking and most durable. You can choose oil or water-based finish. Oil-based changes the color of the wood slightly, while water-based finishes are clear and dry faster. If you are interested in the most eco-friendly option, we can offer other water-based finishes that are very low-VOC and lo odor, although they may not be as durable as polyurethane.

How It Works

If you’ve never worked with Greenerz before, rest assured that the process of restoring or replacing your floor is quite easy. After you call or contact us online letting us know about your interest in a flooring renovation project, we will arrange for one of our pros to come to your home and see the project up close. This will allow us to come up with a plan for your flooring and generate a free estimate for the project that is as accurate as possible. If you’re not sure yet what kind of flooring you want, or whether or not your floor needs to be replaced, repaired, or refinished, our knowledgeable team member will patiently and thoroughly run down all the options for you until you settle on the best approach for you. We will generate an estimate and time frame for your project based on the improvements you have decided on.

With your approval, we will schedule a day to begin work. Our Greenerz flooring pros, never subcontractors, will show up promptly and start right away. If you are getting a new floor put in, we will tear up and haul away the old floor, make sure the subfloor is adequate for our needs, and then begin putting in the new flooring. Our flooring experts are accurate and thorough and will work as quickly as possible while ensuring that you get a perfectly laid floor. We pride ourselves on accurate estimates and time frames, so you can expect the cost and time to be as predicted, without sudden overruns or delays.

When we complete the job, we will let you know what we have done and give you any instructions you need, for example, you need to wait 24 hours for an oil-based polyurethane finish to dry. We will also provide any helpful maintenance tips we can for how to keep your floor in top shape and looking great year ‘round.

Choosing Greenerz for All Your Home Flooring Needs in Southern California

More and more homeowners throughout Los Angeles and the rest of southern California are choosing Greenerz for their flooring and other remodeling projects for a number of reasons. Take a look through our sample pictures of some of the great flooring work and other home renovation projects we’ve done for satisfied California customers in the past.

In addition to our fine craftsmanship, homeowners appreciate our experience, attention to detail and prioritizing of the customer. The Greenerz team is made up not only of construction pros, but of homeowners as well, so we know all the pitfalls and frustrations that can come with taking on a new home renovation project, and we know how to avoid them all.

That means factors like a reasonable estimate for service that you can trust. It means tailoring the job to your budget, not to the way we can make the most money, and helping you find financing options if you need them. It means staying on time so that you don’t have workmen hanging around your home for months, and making sure we stay out of your way as much as possible while we are there.

It means we’ll do our best to help you settle on just the right type of flooring option for you, and we won’t consider the project finished unless we’re sure that you’re happy. And if you need to talk to us about anything concerning your flooring or any other aspect of home renovation, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Finally, it’s about our commitment to greener building and greener homes. While it’s rarely possible to do a home building job without any effect on the environment, we can strive to use methods like recycled wood, low-VOC coatings and other environmentally friendlier materials and techniques whenever we can. And we can offer you tips on more sustainable building and renovation options, so you can enjoy the benefits of having a greener home.

The best way to understand the benefits of Greenerz for your flooring and other home improvement needs is to give us a try. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Greenerz for Great New Flooring in Los Angeles County and Throughout Southern California Now

Your Greenerz experts are ready to go to work for you right now outfitting you with an amazing new floor for your southern California home, or restoring your existing floor to its former glory. New installation, repair or refinishing, we do it all, with the work performed by experts with years of experience in the flooring space. We do the job efficiently, affordably, and with environmentally-friendly methods and materials whenever possible. To start on the road to getting the flooring you deserve today, give us a call at 1-800-207-1852 or contact us by submitting our simple online form now.

Our Amazing Projects

Having trouble visualizing how a new floor could really invigorate your home?
Check out some of the images below for some floors that really come alive thanks to Greenerz!

Flooring and Hardwood

Completed hardwood floor

Flooring and Hardwood

Floor installation in progress

Flooring and Hardwood

Tile installation in progress

Flooring and Hardwood

Living room dark wood flooring

Flooring and Hardwood

Environmentally friendly hardwood flooring

Flooring and Hardwood

Stylish living room flooring and carpet

Flooring and Hardwood

Child-resistant carpet

Flooring and Hardwood

Sunlit room with new hardwood floors

Flooring and Hardwood

New mahogany hardwood flooring

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