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Porch and Balcony

Porches and balconies are great ways to enjoy the exterior of your home. At Greenerz, we can build you a covered, screened porch that will give you the best of both worlds. You’ll have the comfort and protection of your home with the enjoyment of being outside and communing with nature. In the Los Angeles area and throughout southern California, this is a great way to enjoy the warm sun that this part of the country is treated to almost all year ‘round.

If you think that all porches and balconies look the same, you haven’t seen as many porches as the Greenerz team has built. Our group of licensed, highly-trained construction experts and home owners know that your porch is as much a reflection of your home and your own personal style and character as any other home feature, and we can build your porch accordingly. Our goal is to provide you with a fantastic porch or balcony that combines form and function to a superior degree.

Building Your Porch

It is in building your porch that our Greenerz team is able to really shine. We never use subcontractors, only experienced builders that we have selected for their unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to making sure that everything they build is the best it could possibly be. This makes us the perfect team to build your porch.

The reason that we are so careful about who we get to build your porch is that a porch is a structure with special needs. It must not only look as good as any interior remodeling, but must stand up to harsh winds, blazing sun and other external weather conditions. We are always on the lookout for new materials and techniques to build you a better porch. And of course, we strive to offer you the most environmentally-friendly building options whenever possible, whether it’s the wood we use, our low-VOC staining and cleaning products or our use of recycled materials.

When you call Greenerz to build your porch or balcony, the first thing we will do is set up an appointment for one of our Greenerz construction pros to visit your home. We will assess the exterior and may take some measurements and pictures. This is to get a sense of what your porch or balcony can look like and what the best approaches will be. We will talk to you about your goals for your porch or balcony and can make some design suggestions for you. We can also talk about materials and finishes.

Another subject you will want to think about when it comes to your porch will be porch furniture and accessories. Do you want railings on your porch or balcony? A swing bed? Some other feature? We will take everything into account when generating our estimate for your porch project.

Porch Design

You have so many options for porch design and no two designs are exactly the same. You can combine a porch with a deck for even more exterior space and you can have a porch on the side or the back of the house, not just the front. You can fully furnish your porch or leave it fairly bare for a more rustic feel. You can even go all out and wire your porch so you can enjoy a stereo or television outdoors, or even put in a fireplace. You’re really only limited by your budget and your imagination.

Porch Flooring Options

When we construct a porch, one of the most important elements of the porch is the floor, as this is the base on which the entire porch is constructed. As with the rest of your porch, you have a number of interesting options when it comes to the type of flooring you will have for your porch.

One option is a mortared brick floor. The nice thing about these floors is that you can lay the brick pavers down to create a variety of interesting and distinctive designs. If your home’s exterior is largely brick, a brick porch floor will blend in seamlessly.

You could also have a basic concrete floor, either a slab of concrete or concrete pavers. This is a sturdy, but somewhat cold and harsh surface, so you’ll probably want to cover some of your concrete porch floor with decorative rugs.

Of course, there’s the classic wood porch floor. Cypress is a great material that is affordable and looks terrific. It is also an environmentally-forward choice.

Some other porch floor options include travertine, slate, pressure-treated fir or ipe wood. If you’ve seen a particular kind of porch flooring material that interests you that hasn’t been mentioned here, be sure to bring it up to your Greenerz professional when developing the plan for your porch. If there’s a material that can be used for porch flooring, we’ll do our best to get it for you.

Porch Ceilings

You’ll also want to think about the type of ceiling you want for your porch. Popular choices include vaulted ceilings, open ceilings and drop ceilings. Your Greenerz pro can show you examples of different types of porch ceilings to help you decide which one will be right for you.

Porch Maintenance

Once the job is finished, we will give you tips on how best to maintain your porch, based on the type of porch you have. In most cases, simple sweeping, vacuuming and basic cleaning is sufficient to keep your porch looking its best for a long time. Depending upon your floor material, you may eventually need to reseal the floor, but this will usually not be necessary more often than every five years or so.

Of course, if your porch sustains any damage, you can call us up at Greenerz anytime for expert porch repair to get it back into its top condition.

Considerations for Your Greenerz Porch in Los Angeles or Surrounding Areas

Speaking of taking things into account, here are some other considerations you might want to think about before starting a porch project. Some of these things you may have been thinking about for a long time, while others may be new to you.

Is a Porch Really for You?

We’d love nothing more than to build you a great new porch. But we want to make sure that if we build you a porch, you’re going to use it. If you’re the type of person who likes a controlled climate, no wind and no direct sunlight, you may not enjoy having a porch so much. Of course, we can build you a screened, covered porch to keep out debris and bugs and control the amount of wind and sunlight getting to you, but if you’re really not an outdoors person at all, you might want to save that renovation money for something else. We have plenty of ideas to share with you.

What Are You Going to Use Your Porch For?

On the other hand, if you love the idea of taking advantage of your exterior space with a porch, we’d love to know what you’re thinking about using it for. If it’s just for you and a loved one to sit in a swing and admire the outdoors, we’ll have a lot of flexibility when it comes to space. If, on the other hand, you’re planning on having full meals with the whole family out there, we’ll want to construct something a bit bigger.

Will There Be Young Children Using Your Porch?

If you have young children or grandchildren living in or spending a lot of time in your home, that’s great. Kids often love porches. If you do have kids around, though, some design tips: You’ll want a lot of open space on your porch so the kids can run around, and secure railings so they don’t fall off the porch and hurt themselves.

How Much Do You Want to Spend on Your Porch?

With the materials and methods we use at Greenerz, we can build your new porch quite affordably. It’s up to you then, to think about how far you want to go. Larger porches with more features will naturally cost more. As you can see from our discussion of design options, you can really go all out if you want to. Do you want to spend that money on your porch or on other home additions like a deck or elegant hardscaping features?

Reasons to Choose Greenerz to Build a Porch or Balcony in Los Angeles or Surrounding Areas

Hopefully you’re already starting to see why Greenerz is a great choice when you’re ready to add a new porch or balcony to your home. A look at some of the pictures of our previous work should inspire you even more. But if you need some more incentive, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Greenerz Doesn’t Use Subcontractors

Trusting the building of your porch to amateurs can mean disaster. We don’t want your porch falling apart before you get a chance to enjoy it. That’s why we only send you our best when it comes to your porch construction and the only people who answer to you are us.

  • Greenerz Has Transparency

We’ll always tell you all the options available when it comes to building your porch, even if your best option means less money for us. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We’ll also give you a free estimate on your job up front, and that estimate will give you a realistic idea of what you are going to pay. We’re not going to surprise you with big “unexpected expenses” later. Another part of our transparency is giving you a fair and accurate time frame for job completion. We know you don’t want people working on your porch for weeks no matter how nice the final result is. We will start on time, give you a reasonable timetable for completion and stick to it.

  • Greenerz Is Affordable

As we have stated, how much your porch will cost will largely be a function of how big you want your porch to be, the kind of design you want, the extra features you want and the materials. However, we will always endeavor to give you our best price, and if our estimate and your budget are having trouble seeing eye-to-eye, we will suggest cost-cutting measures to make it work.

  • Greenerz Is Greener

We know that more and more people across the country are looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious in their building projects and in their homes. Our goal is to make that process easier for homeowners while still doing beautiful work. We know the right materials and the right techniques to use to be environmentally-forward, and can make plenty of suggestions to give you a greener home as well.

  • Greenerz Is Made of Homeowners

The Greenerz team isn’t just made up of great builders, it’s made up of people who own homes themselves and have had their own frustrations with subpar contractors. We created the type of building company that we would like to use, and now we want to share it with you.

Contact Greenerz for Your New Porch or Balcony in Los Angeles and Throughout Southern California Today

We hope you’re starting to get excited about the possibilities of your new porch or balcony and can’t wait to get started. Keep in mind that although we’re more than happy to build you a completely new porch, we’re also available to repair or refinish your old porch, or to add features to fully customize your existing porch. All you need to do is let us know what you need, and we’ll get on it right away. Start by calling us at 1-800-207-1852 of just fill out the online contact form now. We’ll set up a meeting to check out your home and evaluate your porch options for a free quote. We’ll also let you know about any current promotions and can connect you with financing opportunities if necessary. Let’s get started now!

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