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Green Hardwood Flooring

According to the US Green Building Council, the three main materials for green flooring installation are cork, stone, and bamboo. Bamboo and cork are extremely sustainable, harvested bamboo and cork fully grow back in less than ten years, as opposed to the 50 years it takes to replace a tree that is harvested for hardwood. Stone absorbs heat, lasts essentially forever and is usually easy to maintain. Cork floors are soft, meaning you won’t have that clack-clack-clack sound you get when hard-heeled shoes travel across a traditional hardwood floor. They also last an extremely long time. Cement floors are also durable, eco-friendly, and great for saving energy, as they absorb heat during the day and radiate it back out at night. If installing hardwood, look for FSC certification. This lets you know that the hardwood was harvested from a sustainably managed forest and processed in an environmentally-friendly manner.


Be sure to use natural linoleum, made from natural sources like linseed oil and pine resin, rather than traditional linoleum which is full of polyvinyl chloride and not nearly as biodegradable or environmentally friendly. Natural linoleum can also last a lifetime.

Green Carpeting

If you’re going with carpeting, use recycled carpet material. Recycled carpet material may actually lead to a longer-lasting carpet than traditional carpet material when it comes to delaying color loss, warding off staining, and dispersing static electricity. Look for the Air Quality Green Label Plus for certified low VOC carpeting products.

Green Installers

Whatever material you choose for your carpet, an important part of your greener floor is a green installation process. Greenerz uses adhesives and sealers that are low in VOCs and sustainable, recycled materials to give you a great looking floor while protecting the environment. You can find out more about green flooring installation at

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