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Use Native and Desert Plants

If you can, use plants that need a minimum of water. In addition to saving water in general, this will reduce your maintenance requirements. Native plants tend to be easier to care for, as you don’t need to do any extra work to help them adapt to a new environment. Native plants are also good for the fauna of the local eco-system, and may be less in need of pesticides to protect them.

Plant Trees

Bringing more trees into the world is about the greenest thing you can do, and having trees as part of your landscape can really give it character. Evergreen trees are good for protecting your home from cold winter winds, providing you plant your trees upwind. Deciduous trees, that lose their leaves in autumn, protect your home from heat in the summer but allow the sun to get through in the winter. Fruit trees can not only reduce your food costs but help you eat healthier. Vegetable Garden Speaking of eating healthier while creating a green landscape, planting a vegetable garden is another great way to live the sustainable lifestyle. You can save even more while you continue to promote healthy eating for yourself and your family.


Xeriscaping is an overall philosophy of water-saving applied to your landscape. It involves using plants with low water requirements, efficient, drip irrigation systems that provide water directly to your plants rather than sprinkling it all over the place and wasting water, using less turf grass and creating gardens that are water-efficient.

Rain Barrels

Another great way to save water when it comes to your landscape is to use barrels to collect rainwater. When you need to irrigate your garden and lawn, simply use the rainwater that has collected. You recycle just about everything else, why not recycle water?

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